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The 10 Best Co Working Spaces in Berlin

Berlin is something like a mecca for startups in the German corporate landscape. New innovative business ideas shoot up like mushrooms every other second. Of course, having a good idea is one thing, but on the other there still need to be things done. In that case an appropriate place to develop creatively is needed; But the local kitchen table is no longer enough for that. Especially when your own project starts to grow in a way that first employees must be hired. At least then, a new office must be taken into consideration. Coworking Spaces are a practical and efficient solution for that. We have located and showcased the best offices to work together in the Berlin.

Working in a box - this is how open office space becomes attractive again.

For decades, the concept of open office space has been changing between swan song and resurrection. Some celebrate it as a driving force for holistic and creative cooperation and communication. The other group sees this as a permanent distraction that undermines concentration and productivity. But in any great dilemma there is a great idea behind it. Here it is focusing on brain cells, work lounges, telephone booths or focus rooms.

Your Office as Your Brand

What a brand stands for and what hides behind a pleasant company philosophy is also determined in the brand. How is a company defined and what does it specialize in? What are the values ​​of the brand that it represents? And what is its unique value? These fundamental and topical issues are on the agenda of the brand development and continue to evolve within the company. On the visual side, branding involves much more than a trendy outward appearance, which is adjusted from time to time. Visual Identity is the high-profile figurehead made up of countless small parts and should be reconsidered in any major restructuring.

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