March 15, 2024

Corporate office design: The art of an efficient working environment

The corporate identity is the heart of a company and should always be considered in the development of branding to ensure brand recognition. In addition to the logo and colors, the identity is also reflected in the corporate office, which should be seamlessly integrated into the corporate culture.

What is a Corporate Office?

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In general, a corporate office or headquarters is understood to be the central office, the so-called head office. Here work the leading forces, i.e., the decision-makers of the company. Very often, further company locations and remote workers are controlled from here. Therefore, your corporate headquarters must be in harmony with the corporate identity of the entire brand, not only reflecting it but at the same time also reinforcing and dynamically interpreting it. In this sense, your company headquarters is the flagship of your brand and embodies the entire external company image in architecture, furnishings and decor.

The Importance of a Corporate Office

In recent years, due to the pandemic, a previously unknown office concept developed in traditional companies: the home office. Read more about how offices have changed after Corona. Virtually overnight, even executives from management floors had to relocate their workplaces to their own four walls and try to find a quiet corner for concentrated work between the living room and family. Although this has several advantages, it also has just as many disadvantages. In addition to the organizational challenge of holding important meetings only virtually and via sometimes insufficient DSL connections, data security naturally also plays a decisive role. The risk of uncontrolled data theft or virus infection poses a real threat to the private network.

However, an even more important factor is completely missing in the home office: direct human contact with other employees and clients. The necessity of personal interaction has gained considerable importance, especially in recent times. However, traditional office structures with closed modules or impersonal open office spaces do not exactly provide the best basis for a positive company atmosphere with which all company employees can identify.

New Conditions Change the Office World

Over the last few years, the working world has changed dramatically. Global events have had a lasting impact on the economy. This is compounded by the experiences from the home office era. A mere return to the same office spaces of a bygone era seems unthinkable. Worldwide economic challenges have ruthlessly exposed the disadvantages of rigid, conservative corporate structures. Those who want to assert themselves in a dynamic market subject to rapid changes today must be prepared to adapt to the new conditions.

The Corporate Office as a Place of Creativity and Encounter

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More than ever, your corporate office plays a supporting role in the dynamic development of the company. It should not only represent the branding of your company externally but also give the entire workforce a space for free development. The socially significant and emotional contacts within a contemporary office promote the creative process in innovation development. The appropriate furnishings as part of the overall design enhance this creative aspect and at the same time create emotional connections among all your employees, without being limited by hierarchies as before.

Integration and co-determination form the new posts of a team-oriented way of working. Concepts and processes are developed together, and the design concept and interior design of a modern head office facilitate this reorientation of corporate culture. Innovative, open office concepts create new possibilities for internal office communication and promote team building. Multi Space, Smart Office, and Co-working are just a few examples of what your future-oriented corporate office can or likely already looks like.

The Office Furniture as Part of the Innovative Design

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What role does furniture play in developing a feasible and functional concept? After designing an expressive architecture that visually embodies the values of your brand, also the office furnishings of equal calibre can convincingly realise this claim. Of course, you should naturally prioritize the ergonomics of all furniture in the interests of all and with a view to possible ISO 9001 certification. But even in your small, private home office at home, you can easily implement the ergonomic components with the help of a few accessories and a small financial investment.

Ergonomics also in the lighting concept: Modern, non-glare and sufficient lighting is a must to promote the productivity of everyone. Here, the right light temperature plays a decisive role not only for the eyes but also for the emotional mood. Place value on the development of a professional lighting concept that fulfils all aspects of a modern office environment. Furthermore, you should integrate green plants into your corporate office, which have been proven to have a positive effect on the health and energy of all employees.

The Demand for Sustainability

In your corporate office, you should realize the claim to sustainability right from the first planning stages. Modern office design and sustainable materials are no longer contradictory today; on the contrary: Natural materials such as solid wood, natural stone, and cotton are making their way into office floors where cold metal and plastic furniture prevailed just a decade ago. The change is not only a logical consequence of increased environmental thinking but also of a changed corporate culture in which your group of employees should feel healthy and comfortable.

Therefore, a sustainable office has long ceased to be an extravagant idea of ecologically oriented designers but has become an essential part of any built and material reality. Durable and modular furniture, the integration of daylight, and energy-saving technology are just a few examples of how your corporate office can be sustainably designed.

A New Mentality Takes Hold

Remember the classic meetings in closed conference rooms, where a small group of directors discussed the business concept for the next season? Very often, the ambitious plans of the management had little to do with the actual need in the market. Nevertheless, they were then implemented as planned without any further feedback from the staff. Societal changes and short-term economic processes were unfortunately often recognized much too late, and impact of hierarchical structures, adaptation to new conditions took a long time. Too long, as many companies have had to painfully realize in the recent years.

The winners today are companies that have understood in time to adapt flexibly to changed market conditions with smart concepts. Almost without exception, they have left outdated office concepts behind and measurably increased efficiency and productivity with open, employee-friendly office worlds. Through open spatial design, desk sharing, and leisure zones for relaxation and relaxed idea exchange, modern companies have even managed to increase their turnover and at the same time reduce employee turnover. Long-term employee retention increases the acceptance of returning from the cosy home office to a pleasant, inspiring office environment.

Designing Your Contemporary Corporate Office

Now is the right time to turn your modern head office into reality. From the first conceptual sketches to an extensive project phase and professional support for implementation, our team of architects and interior designers will support you in realizing your office project. It is always our concern to design your office individually according to your requirements. Our goal is for your brand to be fully reflected in our overall concept. The corporate identity is the heart of your brand and should be found in every detail of the new office environment.

How may we help you? Are you planning a new office building, remodelling existing office spaces, or an office move? For every challenge, we have the right solution tailored to your wishes. Contact us today for a free-of-charge consultation, we look forward to a personal conversation with you!