November 8, 2023

Office furnishings ideas: 5 simple furnishing tips for more productivity

You can get the most out of your offices with a few simple tips, whether it's an open-space office with standard furniture, individual offices or your home office. This is not only a visual upgrade, but has also been proven to increase your productivity within this space. If you want to find out how you can achieve this with simple changes, you should keep reading.

More productivity with ergonomics

It has long been known that poor posture quickly leads to tension in the back and neck and has a long-term impact on health. Prolonged and uncomfortable sitting not only puts strain on the spine, but also has an impact on well-being and productivity at work. Several studies prove this and even more: good posture and ergonomics have been shown to lead to a remarkable increase in productivity. A good, ergonomic office chair is of course the best solution for this. It can be customized and allows you to change your sitting position frequently. Armrests also make working easier in the long term and sitting in the chair much more comfortable. From a design perspective the look of ergonomic chairs also has become increasingly important.

You currently lack the necessary budget for a new ergonomic chair? No problem! 1-2 comfortable cushions in the back can not only increase the feel-good factor, but also look good. Also pay attention to your sitting posture: bend your legs to 90 degrees and make sure that the soles of both feet are resting on the floor. Your head should be 50-70 cm away from the screen. If you work with a laptop/notebook, laptop stands are the solution for a better posture when working. There are also countless design options that will look good in any office.

Green plants in the office act as a motivator

bright meeting room with two plants

Countless studies have proven that contact with nature reduces stress, increases wellbeing and can even boost productivity in the office. Whether you enjoy a view of nature from your desk or are in an office surrounded by plants, the effect is the same. Discover how Biophilic Design can increase productivity in the office.

Even the smallest interactions with plants can lift your mood, which in turn can increase your productivity. According to a British study by Cardiff University, productivity in the office or home office is said to have increased by up to 15 % simply by including plants in the space. Plants also have a positive effect on the indoor climate by filtering toxins from the air and providing fresh oxygen. Of course, all plants have a positive effect, but the following are known to be particularly easy to care for and purify the air: ivy, monocots, birch fig, dragon leaf and the Kentia palm. Continue reading about even more tips on easy-care office plants.

Organization and clarity lead to more productivity

shelving and storage

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, around ten percent of working time is lost searching for documents or other work materials. This does not mean that a desk has to be perfectly organized for you to be productive. It's more about being able to get a quick overview. A large desk can already help here, as it offers enough space to organise a certain amount of documents. At the same time, it is much easier to keep it clean and organized. If a large desk is not an option, you can also use a storage system in the form of boxes or extra drawers. These can not only enhance the appearance of your work surface, but also help you to be more productive. 

When it comes to organizing entire rooms, portable screens can be a good solution in large offices. These can help to distance yourself from the chaotic environment when needed, helping you to find new motivation and productivity.

The right light boosts your mood and makes you more productive at work

A bright office with red hanging lamps

It's no secret that good lighting is essential when working. But why is that the case? Daylight has an effect on the sleep-wake phases. If these phases are disturbed, performance suffers. If it is too dark, concentration weakens, mistakes happen more often and work takes longer. The right light therefore not only makes you more alert and protects your eyes, but also creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere and makes you more productive. Good lighting conditions also promote vitality and the ability to concentrate and therefore also productivity at work. However, in offices in particular, it is not always easy or possible to place every employee in front of a daylight source. This is where lamps like daylight lamps can help. They can even prevent depression in winter. In summer, they counteract tiredness and make it easier for you to focus.

There do exist a lot of variations of office lamps: from tablet-like daylight lamps that are placed next to your screen to large, warm floor or table lamps. The furnishing and decoration options are endless. 

Read on to find out how to set up the ideal lighting for your home office.

Customized decoration for more productivity in the office

A stylish decoration against a white brick wall

Personalized objects give any room a sense of permanence and belonging. They create an emotional bond that can trigger positive feelings in people. This in turn leads to an increased sense of well-being and greater productivity which has also been proven by several scientific studies. People who are allowed to customize their workplace, at least in part, work up to 30 percent more productively than colleagues who work in modern but standardized offices. Anything is possible: from holiday memories and pictures of loved ones to personal favorite decorative items, your own coffee cup or pictures on the wall. In just a few simple steps, you can add a personalized touch to any office and become more productive.

So there doesn't have to be a big change to have a big impact. However, with these tips you can easily implement a modern office concept and create a working environment in which you and your employees not only feel more comfortable, but can also work much more productively. Whether it's an open-plan office, a desk or your home office, more productivity can easily be realised by following a few practical furnishing tips and decorating the office.

All the aspects mentioned above show that the right office design depends on many factors. Only a careful analysis of needs can lead to a successful overall concept that is measurably reflected in higher productivity.

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