December 8, 2023

Bank office design: Create inviting interiors for your customers

The furnishings and design of a room say more than 1000 words. In the banking industry in particular, it is essential to furnish meeting rooms and reception areas accordingly. Modern room concepts that nevertheless stand for the conservative values of a bank are in demand. High-quality furnishings that reflect the bank's reputation and visually convey its many years of expertise create a basis on which trusting discussions with clients can take place. We have taken a look at the meeting and consultation rooms of various private banks, whose interior design can serve as inspiration for the design of your bank's business premises.

BHF-Bank: Futuristic interior design

The design and concept of BHF-Bank's reception and meeting rooms reflect what the bank is: a modern private bank. The meeting rooms are decorated in bright, elegant colors, comfortable designer chairs and elegant pendant lights. Its timeless designs offer maximum comfort for meetings, discussions and consultations.

The impressive ceiling height of the lobby, the high-quality materials, the classic-modern furniture as well as the modern paintings and objects by Gerhard Richter, Markus Lüpertz and Yoshishige Saito create an atmosphere that inspires confidence and is extremely inviting. 

Futuristic forms in the interior design, combined with warm solid wood, gives the bank premise a touch of naturalness and provide an exciting yet subtle contrast. 

The interior design of BHF-Bank is thus a prime example of the interior design of a modern private bank that combines innovation with traditional values such as trust and respect.

Jyske Bank: Modern and stylish interior design

The interior design of Jyske Bank differs significantly from the interiors of other private banks. 

The lobby almost feels like a modern design agency with its eye-catching wall design, swivel armchairs and a dynamic color scheme of brown wood with light tones such as white and grey.

The atypical interior design of the bank also reflects the slogan "We make the difference" well from an interior design point of view. The atmosphere in the bank rooms feels young and fresh - the perfect basis for innovative business.

The bank itself also emphasizes that, in addition to a dynamic interior design, it wants to make a positive difference to other, more conservative banks with its advice, character and communication. Clients should feel at ease and find inspiration when they visit the bank. 

We think the bank has achieved this brilliantly with this unusual, modern and elegant approach.

Bankhaus Lampe: Traditional interior design with maritime accents

The conference rooms at Bankhaus Lampe correspond in their ambience to the respective branch. Some bank branches have a modern design, while other locations are furnished in a more classic style.

The interior design of the branch in Bonn, for example, is a combination of classic and modern style. While the architecture of the premises sets impressive accents with richly decorated stucco mouldings on the ceiling and elaborately furnished bay windows made of fine wood, designer lights and spacious armchairs as well as sofas in bright colours bring a cosmopolitan flair to the bank's meeting rooms.

Such an atmosphere appeals to a younger, innovation-driven target group as well as those clients who attach particular importance to conservative values of a bank.

The interior design of the bank's branch in Frankfurt, on the other hand, is based entirely on traditional values. 

With their comfortable upholstered armchairs, heavy curtains and striped wallpaper, the bank's consulting rooms are reminiscent of classic maritime-style dining rooms and convey a real feel-good atmosphere. By focussing on traditional furnishings, the bank manages to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Switzerland): Tradition meets modernity

The premises of Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft combine tradition and modernity in an exemplary way. The result is an atmosphere that perfectly embodies the bank's values and its service philosophy "A touch more personal". The surroundings of the meeting rooms are designed to invite trusting conversations. The customer and their needs should take centre stage, so that any distractions in the form of electronic aids such as laptops and tablets are avoided as far as possible.

The interior design with its heavy, imposing solid wood cabinets, comfortable leather armchairs in a timeless design and minimalist swivel chairs is above all classic with occasional modern accents, so that the bank premises as a whole are perceived as extremely contemporary. 

The interior design of Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft thus perfectly embodies the image of a conservative private bank.

Hypermodern interior design: Hypovereinsbank (HVB)

When the interior of Hypovereinsbank's premises had been designed, the main focus was on creating a high-quality ambience that would convey a corresponding sense of quality as soon as clients arrive. 

The reception area is almost reminiscent to the exhibition rooms of a museum and looks extremely dynamic and modern with its many glass walls, futuristic lighting and elements. 

The interior design of the reception area perfectly signals the bank's willingness to innovate and its focus on its clients.

The bank's meeting rooms have a less futuristic design. There are also no works of art or lights in extravagant designs. As a "slimmed-down" version of the reception area, the bank's consultation rooms have a rather simple and minimalist look. Nevertheless, soft carpets, solid wood elements and an oval meeting table made of solid wood create a warm and cosy atmosphere in which customers can feel at ease.

Private bank Merck Finck & Co: Combination of modern interior design and classic elegance

You could almost be forgiven for thinking you were in the reception area of an expensive beauty clinic with all the white and the elegant, understated designs of the armchairs and sofas. But the premises actually belong to Merck Finck & Co Privatbank.

The lobby of the bank at the Düsseldorf location has a super modern design: Light colours and minimalist leather armchairs in classic shapes create a friendly atmosphere that immediately conveys openness and trust. As a customer, you feel completely at ease and welcome here.

The bank's consulting rooms in the Berlin branch stand in strong contrast to the ultra-modern interior design of the Düsseldorf location. 

On entering the meeting room, you are greeted by ornate stucco ceilings, magnificent crystal chandeliers and thick, heavy carpets concealed behind stylish sliding glass doors. These rooms excel a sense of tradition and refined elegance that reflect the bank's conservative values.

The large conference room of the Munich branch also conveys the tradition and expertise of the bank. The extra-long, oval conference table made of solid wood, the upholstered conference chairs made of rust-red leather and the rustic chandeliers create a time-honoured atmosphere. The columns in the background and the oversized works of art on the walls reinforce this aura even more.

St. Galler Kantonalbank: from modern to conservative

The interior design of the premises of St. Galler Kantonalbank is adapted to the different requirements of the respective locations. The meeting rooms of the Frankfurt and Stuttgart branches are minimalist and modern in design, while the Munich branch is housed in an art nouveau villa with a dignified style.

The consultation room at the bank's Stuttgart branch, for example, is bright and friendly, creating a feeling of welcome and trust. The bright, round-shaped seats give the room a modern flair, while the large-format pictures, extravagant curtains and soft carpets create a cosy living room ambience.

Bankhaus Vontobel: Traditional-modern interior design

The interior design of Bankhaus Vontobel combines traditional elements with modernity. While the round oak table and the high-quality oak parquet flooring in the meeting room are reminiscent of the bank's long-standing tradition, the modern-minimalist works of art on the walls and the timelessly classic conference chairs made of black leather and stainless steel add contemporary accents to the interior design, creating a dynamic ambience.

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