April 27, 2020

Return Strategy after Covid-19 for your Company Office Space

From the architect and design perspective, office space has been in the middle of changing work rules and norms.

The recent Pandemic has already forced millions of people to remote work style. Even though it has obvious advantages and disadvantages, the majority of people were not able to stay on top of their work responsibilities. After weeks if not months of quarantine Switzerland, Germany and other European countries are slightly lifting its coronavirus restrictions.

As a result, now people start heading back to the office and daily routines outside their homes. At Upscale, we believe that employees after having experienced working from home will have different views on the working environment and we are trying to help create office spaces that allow everyone to find a balance of isolated concentration and productive, meaningful collaboration.

Credits: &Tradition

How new work environment will look like?

In the short term, returning workers can expect stepped-up cleaning and reinforcement of social distancing. Probably more distancing, hand sanitizer stands, maintenance staff and less number of people in the lifts.

In the long run, we expect business owners, directors, HRs and decision-makers in companies to find themselves, if not yet, rethinking the business processes, operations and other activities. Taking into consideration the Covid-19 Pandemic outcomes, we will be seeing public areas, buildings, hotels, hospitals and commonly office spaces reimagined or redesigned in response to an increased understanding of the disease.

The pandemic speeding up the implementation of not necessarily new but 'hot' mechanisms and the development of all types of touch-less technology such as automatic doors, self-cleaning bathrooms, voice-activated elevators, cellphone-controlled hotel room entry, hands-free light switches and temperature controls.

How E-Design introduces far more opportunities.

Our innovative interior design team has already been working on projects with a digital approach. Our talented designers' experience has illustrated that it really is a very tiny world and we are all very connected.

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By combining the power of talented designers, technology-driven processes and reliable supplier networks. After creating your interior design concept, we also take care of the purchasing and logistics. Which results in the best price offer, the best quality of work and products as well as time-saving for your business.

All the preceding aspects make it clear: the right design for your office depends on many different factors. Only a careful needs analysis will lead to a successful overall concept that will have measurable results in increased productivity.

Then contact us and we will advise you on your current project without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry!