"Return On Investment" through effective office design:

In this comprehensive, 36-page "HOW-TO" guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about the optimal layout and design of your workspace to not only ensure the health and safety of those around you in the post-Corona era, but also to increase their productivity and therefore their ROI!

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Poor office design reduces your employees' productivity, well-being and effectiveness.

Avoid poor employee performance!

Make sure you haven't forgotten anything either!In the ,,Design Tips that Proven Pay Off" guide, we walk you through the office design of the future! Here's how to design your space in the best way possible and let your employees perform to their fullest potential. Don't miss out on how to get your ROI out of your office with these 8 essentials!

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3 good reasons why you should download the "Design Tips That Proven Pay Off" guide:

Offices according to Corona Safety Concept:
This is how pandemic-proof office planning works!
Who knows when the next pandemic will break out? We don't... But we can tell you how to best prepare your office for the worst-case scenario!
Better teamwork:
Get back to colleagues, flexible and dynamic workplace design.

Home offices are nice, but getting together with colleagues in a shared, flexible workspace can't be replaced by Zoom. Flexibility brings effectiveness.
Higher "Return On Investment" achieved through more focus, better teamwork & more productive atmosphere.
Effective office design is proven to pay off! Teammates and employees work more effectively in an optimally designed work environment.

What not to miss to get the most out of your office design:

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The impact of Corona on your employee-Satisfaction

80% of working people say they miss face-to-face collaboration.... How can you make this happen for your team?
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#1 Safe is Safe...

Flexible working hours and better hygiene rules; Here's how to do it right!
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Mockup of printed HVCO2 document

#2 Use your space creatively.

What really fits to your office space?

Here's how to make your employees feel comfortable....
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#3 Design a productive atmosphere.

Are open-plan offices future-proof? Productive employees need offices with a good balance of openness and privacy. This is where they should be paying attention!
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#4 How to encourage more communication

Feeling isolated stifles your employees' creativity. This is where good communication is important!
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#5 Exercise: We're not built to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day....

If you don't move enough, you feel it not only physically, but also mentally. Learn how you can improve your mental performance through practical office design.
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#6 Flexibility and mobility is not only required for employees, but also for furniture!

Office spaces can now become more versatile and flexible. Here's how to make your furniture mobile.
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#7 Focus, focus, focus on health!

Back problems and other musculoskeletal disorders are among the most common workplace ailments. Here's how to avoid these health risks!
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#8 Nature: Green makes you happy!

Have you ever taken a look at the new offices of Apple, Amazon and Co? You will recognize that there is a lot of nature involved here. There is also a special reason for this! This is how you increase the well-being of your employees...

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Your office design has a return on investment!Download now for free and start post-Corona office planning.

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