Winter Trends 2018

November 28, 2018

As the light slowly drains from the world and the winter breeze emerges, the holiday spirit awakens. Home becomes the vocal point, bringing together family and friends. The smell of nutmeg, cinnamon and freshly baked cookies, the scented candles and the cracking of the wood in the fire place make you want to cuddle up in a cozy plaid and relax the night away in your favorite armchair. Our selection this season is inspired by traditional Christmas from our childhood with a modern twist.


Cozy midnight blues are the way to go this season. Deeper shades of color create a cozy, warming and calming effect. Dark wood furniture and gold finishes are bringing the 80s-style back this season. We love to refer to this atmosphere as a “midnight garden”. There are countless ways to embrace these darker shades. If Scandinavian simplicity and lightness is more your style, combine these darker shades with lighter materials and textures such as light wood, wool and ceramics.


Geometric Patterns

When the leaves start to change their colour the idea might come up to as well change some arrangements our own home. Integrating new patterns in vibrant colours not only cheer you up in the grey season but additionally create an eye catching moment. There are no limits but many options to use linear designs in strong colours or mixing non geometric and geometric patterns together. This automatically leads to a happy place in your home where family and friends gather together to spend a wonderful time with each other.


Artisan Folks

During freezing days when you just want to cuddle under blankets, warm and exotic places seem to be even more unreachable for us.That is why the travel inspired artisan trend with its beautiful handcrafted homeware is the perfect way to escape to foreign places full of lively- and playfulness. Fringed cushions, tufted or tasselled rugs decorated with feathers or pom poms are only some of many options to choose from. Whatever you will choose it will bright up your room in this cold and grumpy season.

Luxurious Materials

Rich materials stand on top of our Christmas wish list this year. Not only touching the smooth material when sitting on a velvet sofa but also smelling a natural wooden floor which contributes to a soothing natural vibe puts a smile on our lip. Additionally, seeing the beauty of a marbled structure on the surface of a table accompanied by golden accessories
sets the ultimate luxury statement for us.


You eat with your eyes, they say. That is probably why pictures of food look prettier than ever when using ceramic bowls to present it! But not only in form of tableware does this special material has its perks also when using it as unique lightning creates a dynamic atmosphere. For the more traditional lovers among us a simple vase can be the icing on the cake even without a wonderful bouquet of flowers.    


While preparing and getting everything done for the Christmas season we hope to have given you an idea and some inspiration for decorating your house for the upcoming autumn and winter so that you create the perfect living space to spent the best time with your friends and family in this wonderful time of year!

Happy Holidays!

Prior to the founding of Upscale, we worked together for years to observe the pain points for interior designers and came to the conclusion, that this way of working is very complex. Together with our team, we want to help other interior designers with our digital solutions and our platform to master the time-consuming tasks and to unfold their creativity with fun. We want to support them when creating mood boards, when trading with furniture brands, with logistics solutions, or efficient bookkeeping. In the USA, there are already very established and profitable players. For the European expansion and integration of the technical know-how, the acquisition of the 99chairs assets fit perfectly and we look forward to this expansion. "

Upscale founder,
Carina Kümmeke

About Upscale

The main goal of Upscale is to help businesses and individuals to set up their home, work-space, furnished apartment or co-working space, to give customers the interior Upscale is the leading German speaking interior design start-up with a focus on fresh interior design for commercial and private customers. The company was founded in 2016 by Carina and Tom Kümmeke in Zurich. The company is headquartered in Zurich Seefeld with additional representative offices inBerlin-Mitte and various freelancers from all over Europe. Upscale currently employs about 50 permanent employees and freelancers

Upscale has three sub-brands: Upscale Spaces for Office and B2B Projects, Upscale Interiors for Residential Customers and Upscale Escapes for Vacation Properties and Hospitality Projects.

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More information about UPSCALE

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Press Contact :                     Meike Neitz,                                            
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